Baseball |The timing is everything ! Five batting tips that will transform you into a batting Champ.  

Batting is the most basic, but also the hardest skill to master in baseball. Because… you have  less than 1 second of response time when you try to hit the ball! If you fail to master the correct stance and batting time, you will strike out on a regular basis. How can you become a batting champ? You'll have to learn the following five skills!


Understanding how to store up the strength in your lower body like a spring


This is the key to controlling your stride. The body's center of gravity should be kept toward the rear, and not toward the front. This is the first movement that the batter should pay attention to after stepping into the batter's box. When the body's of gravity is not shifted toward the rear, it will be difficult to get a good contact point, and the batter can't put all of his strength into hitting the ball. 



Maintaining a good batting stance

When preparing to hit the ball, the batter's front foot should step forward very slightly, and the batter's upper body should shift backward to compensate. When the front foot touches the ground, the tip of the batter's foot should point outward at an approximately 45 degree angle, the batter's grip on the bat should point toward the catcher, and the tip end of the bat should be higher than the batter's head. At this time, the batter's knees, hips, and shoulders should evenly straddle the two sides of home plate, which will enable the batter to maintain an effective, stable batting stance. 



Maintaining the body's central axis in a correct position when batting 

Body’s central axis refers to using your head as the center and downward to the ground between your two legs. A good batter must correctly position his center of gravity and central axis while standing and batting. The more vertical the body's central axis is, the faster the batter can rotate his hips, and the faster the batter can swing his bat. 



Initiate the swing in an upward direction  

To ensure a fast, powerful swing, you must use large muscle groups in the lower part of your body to drive the bat. So when the batter's front foot touches the ground, the rear foot’s heel will rise. To bat with power, the sequence in which the parts of your body move should start from : sole → knee → waist → hand


Swing horizontally  

The key to an effective swing is to bring the bat into the path of the ball as quickly as possible, and maintain the swing in that trajectory as long as possible. Because the ball will tend to have a downward trajectory of around 6 degrees when it crosses home plate, the knob of the bat should enter the batting zone in a straight line. The batter should strike the ball with an appropriate angle of elevation, and the end of the bat should be kept above the plate while the ball is entering, until the batter rotates his wrist to finish the batting motion.

The foregoing five suggestions in this chapter are some batting tips for everyone. But like all sports, good performance in baseball can be achieved only through consistent practice. So after reading this chapter, let’s use these five tips in our everyday practice! 


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“But like all sports, good performance in baseball can be achieved only through consistent practice. So after reading this chapter, everyone should incorporate these five tips in their everyday practice!”


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